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We do machine processing and assembly of precision sheet metal parts primarily and its associated parts.
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Micro Parts Assembly

Micro Parts Assembly Micro parts assembly is a processing technique allowing the operator to assemble or convey micro parts manufactured by a micro fabrication machine by using the handles, while looking through a monitor.

The capacity of handling micro parts has greatly improved from the limited man-hand efficiency to realize high productivity and greater efficiency in the finishing process.

* Micro parts assembly technique is realized in partnership with Kabushiki Kaisha Iriso Seimitsu.

Realizing high quality & low cost by automating the ultra micro processing work

Micro Parts Assembly Ultra micro work pieces are now workable!

Micro parts assembly makes possible the highly-difficult processing work on 0.02 - 1.00mm scaled workpiece.

Mass production at low cost made possible by mechanization!

Man-hand-dependent processing work has been mechanized to realize low cost and mass production possible.

Realizing high quality & high precision by automating the entire flow of processing work!

Light and small parts such as powder gears can be accurately processed in a series of movements of "grab -> convey -> position", realizing the high quality and high precision processing work.

Also suited for testing the automation of the production processes!

Micro Parts Assembly May also be used for testing the production processes and techniques in medical, optical areas and in automobile production.
Try with us before a deployment in the production line.

Example Work

Tightening of screw of 0.1mm in diameter

Inserting pins of 0.2mm in diameter

Grabbing powder gears of 0.149mm in diameter

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